Douglass Community Guidelines

Douglass Community Guidelines

Douglass is an intentional Community centered in Peace, Love and Purpose.

The Douglass Community honors and seeks to brings into reality our Ancestors Freedom Dreams.

Douglass is named in Honor of Frederick Douglass

Frederick Douglass is an African American icon who stood for the equality of all peoples and the possibility of a better tomorrow. A self emancipated slave before the Civil War. Frederick Douglass was an abolitionist, human rights activist, entrepreneur, orator, supporter of women’s suffrage, and bridge between communities.

The Douglass Community is aligned with the Beloved Community Pledge and The Beloved Community License.

Douglass is a community where anyone that is centered in Peace, Love and Purposed is welcome to participate.

Douglass Community Members come from different countries, speak different languages, and represent different races, gender identities, sexualities, nationalities, cultures, religions, abilities, ages, incomes, immigration statuses, levels of education, and life experiences. We’re all here together trying to foster positive conversations, and build a community centered in Peace, Love and Purposed,

By being a member of the Douglass Community , you agree to model the behavior you hope to see from others and follow the guidelines below as well as the ideals of the Beloved Community Pledge and the Beloved Community License.

No promotional posting, no spam

The Douglass Community is not a site for self-promotion, SEO, PR, marketing, or advertising. There are extremely limited circumstances under which it is acceptable to link to your own work, your company’s work, or any work you’ve been hired to promote. Posting outside of these circumstances is grounds for an immediate ban. If you’re joining specifically for any of these purposes, stop now and save us both some time.

Speak for yourself, not others

Speak from your own experience and perspective. Say things you genuinely mean (rather than playing devil’s advocate, trolling, or saying bad things ironically). Avoid downplaying a problem just because it is not a problem for you. Avoid speaking on behalf of other people and discussing their experience like an academic topic; invite them to speak for themselves instead!

Be considerate and respectful

The Douglass Community is a space for conversations, not a contest; add your own informed perspective and nuance instead of shutting others down. Extend the benefit of the doubt in conversations and earn the benefit of the doubt that others are extending to you. Listen if someone says they’re upset and be willing to apologize and step back.

Be sensitive to context

Read a thread before commenting. Engage with what people are really saying. Respond appropriately to people’s mood and investment in a topic. Refrain from making light jokes in a serious discussion. Avoid analogies or hypotheticals in charged discussions; these often involve ignoring or distorting the actual context of the conversation.

Be aware of your privilege

Recognize your own positioning. Be aware of how much space you are occupying in a discussion and avoid exclusionary or insensitive statements that can harm or alienate other people. In a conversation where you’re in a privileged group, take active care to avoid making it about yourself or diverting the topic (intentionally or accidentally) particularly where systemic power is involved (race, class, gender, etc). Remember that each person has different stakes and direct experience in a conversation.

Be mindful of microaggressions

Use people’s correct name, gender, and pronouns. Be respectful. Do not exoticize or joke about another culture’s touchstones — things like names, food, language, religious concepts. Avoid stereotypes and outdated terms. Believe people about their own experiences.

Accept feedback gracefully

Be willing to listen and apologize if someone says you’ve said something hurtful. If someone criticizes your ideas or statements, or points out harmful impacts, it’s not a personal attack. Remember that you can do harm without intending to. Sometimes it is necessary to take a step back and let the conversation move on.

Douglass Content Policy

Douglass is a community where anyone that is aligned with Peace, Love, and Purpose can participate. We encourage open conversations between members and value the different contributions that make the Douglass Community positive and dynamic.

We have a set of Community Guidelines that we expect all members to follow and staff who provide round-the-clock moderation and support.

In order to keep the discussions in the Douglass Community healthy, we have outlined the policy below to serve as a guide of the types of content and behavior that will be considered inappropriate and may lead to removal of content, warnings or having your account banned.

Inappropriate Content

The following types of content or behavior will not be tolerated:

Hateful content: Posting racial slurs, deliberately misgendering/misnaming, or other racist, misogynist, homophobic, transphobic, or otherwise hateful speech. This includes making hateful statements ironically or sarcastically.

Name calling: Any kind of name calling and/or cursing directed at others in a conversation. (Pointing out that a statement is inappropriate or otherwise problematic is not name-calling.) In general, cursing is fine on the site, but cursing at someone else is not okay.

Trolling: Systematically posting content solely intended to upset or provoke an angry response.

Doxxing: Posting someone else’s personal information without consent. If someone hasn’t explicitly and intentionally brought their personal information into a public discussion, don’t make that decision for them.

Hacking Impersonation Misrepresentation: Compromising or accessing another person’s account or pretending to be somebody else.

Stalking/harassment: Any unwanted and obsessive attention or otherwise creepy behavior making other members or staff. This includes contacting someone after they have said they do not want to be contacted by you.

Discrimination: Any type of discrimination or offensive content based on (but not limited to) age, appearance, body shape, ethnicity, disability, gender identity, race, religion, sexual orientation. This includes demanding members to provide information about their identity within a conversation.

Spamming: Posting or advertising unsolicited commercial/promotional content.

Violence: It can be okay to talk in strongly critical terms about people’s words but don’t cross the line into any threats of violence or wishing violence on other people.

Beloved Community Pledge

At Douglass we are committed to a world where Peace, Love and Purpose replace hatred, exploitation, and violence. Now is the time to create technology for: Peace, Love and Purpose in order to bring about a new Modern Future of Joy and Abundance for all.

The Beloved Community License

This Beloved Community License has been created out of Peace, Love, and Purpose.


The BCL is a Non Violent Software, Hardware and Product License that has been created for: Peace, Love and Purpose.

The BCL is based on an understanding and recognition of: Martin Luther King’s “Beloved Community”, and a Social Activism that pursues a future of Peace, Love and Purpose for all.

Recognition and Possibilities

Usage Restrictions

As a first measure disputes concerning the terms of the BCL will be adjudicated through a community driven Non-violent communication process.

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