Douglass Community Asset Fund

The key ideas undergirding The Douglass Community fund

  1. Ownership of economic assets will be distributed more equitably throughout society
  2. The public, collectively, has the right to share in the benefits of owning such assets.
  3. Certain goods and services should be provided without cost or without concern for people’s ability to pay.

The Douglass Community Asset fund embraces the collective ownership of assets to provide services and democratically distribute resources within the Douglass Community. These services can include a universal  income; climate change mitigation projects; equitable community development in underserved communities; local and worker-owned business development; public services such as education, transportation, and healthcare; and the recapitalization of retirement funds and pensions.

The Douglass Community Asset fund will serve as a vital tool in creating a more democratic Beloved Community Economy that reduces poverty and economic inequality, builds community wealth, and increases public and worker ownership.

Assets that are purchased through Douglass for The Douglass Green New Deal and for Community Public interest initiatives, will be Tokenized into Beloved Community Tokens that will be held by the Community Asset Fund and distributed as dividends on a quarterly basis to all Douglass Community Members.

The Douglass Community Asset Fund will hold a minority stake (economic interest) in Douglass Cooperatives.

The  Douglass Community Asset fund will issue a quarterly dividend (Beloved Community Tokens) to all members. This will create a long term equitable wealth creation vehicle for the FreedomTrain community.

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