Global Future of Work Job Board


The Douglass Future of Work job board revolutionizes work, breaking it away from antiquated patriarchal structures that devalue community, care and inspiration. 

All work will be paid for at an equal rate no matter the geographical location of the job or that of the person(s) doing the work. This means that two people living in different geographic locations will be paid the exact same wage. For example, a person living in San Palo installing solar panels will be paid the exact same wage as a person living in Chicago installing solar panels.  

In aggregate, the principal aim of the Douglass Future of Work service is to decouple social progress from environmental breakdown. Even as communities become more empowered and prosperous, the sources of their labour and prosperity shift away from extraction and consumption and towards regeneration and other socially valuable activities. The gradual shifting of economic activity away from material production will also help pave the way to a post-work future

Possible Douglass Jobs Board Work

To live in a world of Douglass Community Economic abundance means to live in a world of peace, love and purpose, where everyone is guaranteed free access to housing, food, clothing, sanitation, water, energy, healthcare, education, child and elder care, as well as means of communication and transportation, without exception. 

The steadfast material security of Douglass Community Economics is what allows people to ask “How can I help the suffering and oppressed?” rather than “How am I going to live?”

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