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The Emerging Planetary Wisdom Culture


The Emerging Planetary Wisdom Culture is beyond national and ethnic cultures.

We are at the cusp of a new era, the planetary wisdom phase of civilization. As traditional geographic and cultural boundaries erode, people and places come together across one global system with one shared destiny. In the intangible space of human consciousness, this expanding nexus of connectivity enlarges our awareness and identities. The planetary wisdom phase of civilization is transforming both the earth and we who live on it.

As our modern materialistic way of life falls apart, it opens space for new Emancipatory futures to emerge. The Emerging Planetary Wisdom Culture is a powerful movement towards a Beloved Community, a Green Economy and the Restoration of Nature.

The Antidote


The Emerging Planetary Wisdom Culture is an antidote to the rampant fear, cynicism, and despair of our age. If we only seek to run away from the collapse of civilization that we fear, we will scatter our efforts, running in all directions, like an anthill that has been stamped upon.

If humanity is to survive this period of planetary crises, we need an intentional collective Community Economy that works for all, allowing us to work as a whole to form goals and strategies that build positive futures—breaking free of systems that demand resource wars, ecological collapse, plagues, famines, and population collapse.

Douglass is Technology for the Emerging Planetary Wisdom Culture, that will help to create a Beloved Community  that is: sustainable, wise and beautiful.



Douglass' Community aligned technology and policy will guide humanity in developing shared, collective macro-strategies with thousands of facets in it, and room for diverse explorations and experimentation on what works.

With Douglass we can link rigorous realism from a shared systems perspective to on-the-ground shared information about what does turn out to work.

Douglass enables the global community to have common macro-vision and a common strategy. It is at once ecological, meteorological, agricultural, industrial, financial, political, social, and economic. All our unfolding crises are intertwined and shared, and so must be our solutions.