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Beloved Community Pledge

Douglass Community Douglass Community

For Peace, Love and Purpose At Douglass we are committed to a world where Peace, Love and Purpose replace hatred, exploitation, and violence. Now is the time to create technology for: Peace, Love and Purpose in order to bring about a new Modern Future of Jo...

Douglass Community Economics

Douglass Community Douglass Community

The illusion is broken We are currently witnessing the unfettered and unapologetic violence of institutions and systems that create oppressive artificial sacristy, genocidal nationalist ideologies, cults of individuality that smother...

Douglass Community Policy

Douglass Community Douglass Community

FreedomTrain and Douglass' principles and policies are based on the ideals and aspirations of Dr. Martin Luther Kings “Beloved Community”, The Beloved Community License and The Beloved Community Pledge. Dr. King’s Beloved Community is a global vision, in whi...

The Beloved Community License

Douglass Community Douglass Community

The Beloved Community License is a Non Violent Software, Hardware and Product License that has been created for: Peace, Love and Purpose. Douglass is named in honor of Frederick Douglass Frederick Douglass is an African American icon who stood for the equali...

Douglass Community Guidelines

Douglass Community Douglass Community

Douglass Community Guidelines Douglass is an intentional Community centered in Peace, Love and Purpose. The Douglass Community honors and seeks to brings into reality our Ancestors Freedom Dreams. Douglass is named in Honor of Frederick Douglass Frederick ...

Towards a Post-Scarcity Future 

Douglass Community Douglass Community

To find our way toward a post-scarcity future requires not only a break between work and income but also one between profit and income. In a post-work society, care labour will be given greater value, turning society away from the privileged status bestowed u...

Douglass Food Security Fund

Douglass Community Douglass Community

Through acquisition and investment Douglass will fund the development of a sustainable food system that will guarantee universal free access to healthy food for all. Douglass will seek to overhaul the industrial overproduction of food to support low-carbon far...