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Douglass Edge Computing

Empowering Community Value Generation 


With Douglass and ida:// communities replace entrenched monopolies with the ability to provide infinite amounts of storage and compute power that is aligned with the BCL. Global Communities receive revenue and value that will be used to fund the essentials of life as well as Community initiatives. For the first time in technology history Douglass gives communities the ability to replace extractive technology companies with Community based compute and storage that is aligned with Peace, Love and Purpose.

EDGE Computing at Scale

At Douglass we believe that Computing is entering a major disruption cycle, which will be based on software defined networks, software-defined Compute and software-defined Storage for Community, Personal or BCL aligned organizational use. 

Douglass has developed a platform, designed to give  BCL aligned communities and organizations the ability to manage their own data without giving this data away to third party SaaS companies. 

Data not services should be the first class citizens on the Web. BCL aligned communities and organizations understand this, and Data Governance is at the core of BCL aligned organizations.

On the Web and mobiles we still build applications that hoard data. From this, the idea of data sharing between applications arises.

With Douglass and ida:// we can now build apps in a way that all data belongs not to the app or website owner, but to the community and the user.


ida:// is a new decentralized architecture and protocol that is aligned with the BCL and centered in Peace Love and Purpose. ida:// enables decentralized community EDGE computing services that benefits communities as well as BCL aligned companies and organizations. 

Douglass and ida:// can be deployed locally, removing dependencies on third party ISP's and Amazon. 

ida:// is the solution for the Decentralized Cloud

Douglass is the first platform that effortlessly enables large-scale EDGE computing. This will open new revenue channels for Global Communities whose value can’t even be assessed at present, including emerging IoT and distributed Community owned AI.


ida:// and the Blockchain


 Douglass and ida:// disrupt Oracle, Amazon/AWS, Google, Apple, and others


The Douglass OS and it’s Decentralized network will disrupt entrenched business models, giving companies a welcome alternative that is more secure, resilient, and scalable, while at the same time reducing operational costs.

Douglass makes the cable box obsolete


The Douglass OS natively include the ability to deliver content across the decentralized network. This gives consumers access to entertainment content and at the same time it replaces current content distribution architecture with Decentralized storage and distribution.

What do BCL aligned organizations gain from using ida:// at the high level?

  • Data Sovereignty - The ability to offer Data Locality / Residency / Sovereignty for private-first offline-first Decentralized applications, with functionality and convenience similar to and surpassing the centralized, Google-style apps.
  • Data Continuum - The Ability to build apps that work in the ida:// cloud **and** on local PCs and mobiles. Many cloud-native systems only work in the Cloud, which limits their scope of use, and this makes them extremely difficult for developers to debug and test, leading to a huge loss in productivity. AWS is notoriously difficult in that respect.
  • Rethinking AWS from a Decentralized first-principles
    The core idea of the ida:// cloud is to give communities, individuals, and BCL aligned organizations access to Infrastructure and Platform levels of services (IaaS and PaaS), which can only be afforded by large organizations.With Douglass and ida:// Direct infrastructure ownership provides the level of isolation, security and privacy that most closely resembles a decentralized operating systems. 
  • Undo and redo - With ida:// any type of data, document, database, or files can support undo / redo.
  • Data Durability - ida:// has built-in capabilities for data replication. This can be used to replicate files and databases in community based ida:// clouds. This provides durability of data, with the resilience to hardware failures.
  • Data Integrity, Digital Signatures and Compliance - ida:// protects all data items from unauthorized modifications and assures that the original data is intact.
  • Recovery - ida:// uniquely works for both files and databases. ida:// provides point-in-time restore from any past versions of the data state. This simulates both the DynamoDB point-in-time backup / restore and S3 object versioning. This capability can also be used as snapshots, as it allows the ability to checkout the store, tagged at a particular version. This may be used for devops and for development.  
  • Offline-first, local-first -With ida:// All data is available when offline. Messages and media (of any size) are delivered from mobiles to server and back with full reliability, in the presence of intermittent or rare connectivity.

Douglass Community Edge CDN

ida:// can be used to build Community based Edge CDN's for distributing files to the edge, and distributing load between the replicas. It is static storage friendly. Files and databases can be served from static storage, as in CDNs. Additionally, due to ida's://  BitTorrent-like functionality, it improves CDN capabilities in the following ways:

1. Saves CDN bandwidth costs by bandwidth sharing, turning media watchers into up-loaders

2. Accelerates download as it allows load chunks from multiple peers simultaneously. This is especially important for 4K, VR and 3D printing content.

3. Real-time incremental CDN updates. Many CDNs take significant time to replace old files. And many require the full flush of current files. ida:// can help optimize both with immediate updates and Change Management events.