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Douglass Enterprise


Douglass also represents an opportunity to replace the existing, entrenched enterprise applications that will not integrate with the technical architecture, legal, and policy needs of people using a decentralized network.

These applications enable the necessary phase shift and represent a significant opportunity for a range of organizations, both private and public.

Douglass Lowers Operations Cost

With Douglass, network processing power and community install base are one and the same. This takes risk out of managing and maintaining large-scale server farms.


Douglass Edge Computing

The Douglass Enterprise EDGE network will disrupt entrenched enterprise solutions, giving companies a welcome alternative that is more secure, resilient, and scalable, while at the same time reducing operational costs. Douglass is the first platform that effortlessly enables large-scale EDGE computing. This will open new revenue channels for cities and communities whose value can’t even be assessed at present, including emerging IoT and distributed Community owned AI. 

When companies use Douglass for cloud computing, cloud storage, or blockchain transactions, that activity happens across the whole network. Douglass redistribute this revenue to communities and individuals.

Corporate Social Responsibility & Giving 

Companies can direct income to communities in need by designating them to receive special revenue share from Douglass as a result of payments for that company’s cloud storage and computing on the decentralized network.

Douglass CDN 

Douglass can be used to build CDN's for distributing files to the edge, and distributing loads between the replicas. Douglass is static storage friendly. Files and databases can be served from static storage, as in CDNs. Douglass' BitTorrent-like functionality gives Douglass CDN's the following advantages.

  1. Saves bandwidth costs by bandwidth sharing, turning media watchers into uploaders

  2. Accelerates download as it allows to load chunks from multiple peers simultaneously. This is especially important for 4K, VR and 3D printing content.

  3. Real-time incremental CDN updates. Many CDNs take significant time to replace old files. And many require the full flush of current files. Douglass can help optimize both with immediate updates and Change Management events.

Douglass makes the cable box obsolete

The Douglass OS natively include the ability to deliver content across the decentralized network. This gives consumers access to entertainment content and at the same time it replaces current content distribution architecture with Decentralized storage and bandwidth.


Decentralization Disrupts Video and Audio Streaming

Douglass dramatically lowers the cost of hosting and streaming Audio and Video.


Douglass Enterprise Sectors

Douglass and ida provide ready solutions to a large variety of sector applications.


Health Care Data Management 

Douglass is opening the door to a new era in medicine. Until healthcare data is owned by the patient, no progress can be made in transforming healthcare.


The BCL brings change to Companies and Organizations

The BCL sets the stage for a new relationship of technology and business to society. Douglass and the BCL are symbols for actively moving towards Emancipatory Freedoms for all.
Outside In: Communities demand that the businesses and organizations they engage with are aligned with the BCL. Communities pledge that they work with BCL compliant companies, when available.

Inside Out: Companies begin to use and distribute the Douglass OS in myriad ways because doing brings meaning to the people who work there.