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Douglass Community Tokens



All Douglass members will receive a Douglass Community Dividend. Community Dividends will be distributed to all Douglass community members on a monthly basis in the form of (DCT) Douglass Community Tokens . 

DCT is the name of the Douglass Community Asset Fund token.  DCT represents the value of all assets owned now and in the future by the Douglass community. Assets owned by the Douglass community can include: Property, Real World Infrastructure, Technology Infrastructure, Community Utilities, Digital Assets, DCL Aligned Tokens, and Revenue Shares in Douglass Cooperatives, and Corporate Assets via Cooperative change over.

This grants the highest intrinsic value to Douglass Community Tokens by tying their value to real world assets, rather than based on hedged speculation. 

New Possibilities 

DCT will create a compound effect, at once pooling substantive collective investments into a decentralized network which distributes resources to all of sectors, driving the sustainable expansion of community-oriented assets in real world markets, and then distributing truly regenerative returns based on these assets back to Communities. 

Imagine the new life-cycle of economic community-sovereignty that emerges from this process, generating new community-sustaining local economies which are no longer tied to endless, unsustainable forms of dangerous debt-leveraged growth; but instead operate in parity with natural environments, embedded in the participation of millions of people, designed to meet actual local, ecological, social and material needs, and finally creating the foundations for new forms of real prosperity for Communities that can serve to regenerate the planet.