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Douglass Desktop

A New Desktop for a Modern New Future 

Douglass breathes new life into a Desktop Architecture and User Interface that has remained static and unchanged for the last 30 years.



Douglass Adaptive A.I. Powered Desktop

Douglass has developed a New Adaptive AI-Assisted Desktop. The Douglass Desktop is a transformative approach to how we do our work on machines. More closely matching how we work as humans.

A New Layer of Computing

Douglass has introduced a new layer of computing to the Desktop. The Douglass Desktop is designed to make Labeling, accessing and discovery of relevant information trivial. This new layer of desktop computing drastically reduces switching time between apps and spaces, making getting back into task peaceful and pleasant. 

With the Douglass OS computing power is now strong enough to power an adaptive UI layer that can access any data that crosses your screen.

Douglass Desktop introduces 3 New Types of Interaction



  • Creating/loading/freezing Spaces
  • Tagging & annotating across all applications
  • Less noise - more speed
  • Less “cognitive leakage”
  • Pick up where you left



  • Meaningfully connected to a bigger picture
  • The Douglass Desktop learns “what” you are doing and working on.
  • The Douglass Desktop can assist and automate task.



  • Rewind, review, recover - Never lose a thought
  • Share and elevate your creative process
  • Correctly assess yourself (time, attention, distraction)

Create self-contained workspaces

Create spaces for different use cases e.g. a project at work, community projects or your coding work with Douglass Spaces. Douglass spaces give you the ability to switch between your specific arrangement of applications and browser windows with ease, without having to keep any of the unused applications running in the background. 

Think of Douglass Spaces as self-contained workspaces where you can organize your desktop content. 


Access anything that ever crossed your screen

The Douglas Search Bar allows you to instantly access any application, browser tab, document or content group by typing a relevant keyword into the Douglass Search Bar. All content that crossed your screen can be accessed this way, whether it is currently open and or has been saved or not.

Think of the Douglass Search bar as your navigation center for your Douglass desktop. You can open any document, web page, app, and much more.


Tag anything anywhere

Smart tagging lets you keep track of what’s important – whether it’s a web page, an email, or a PDF, tag it to find and share things faster than ever. It gets even better, meta detects a wide range of important interactions and allows you to create custom highlights, making revisiting moments that matter easy and intuitive.


Replay any moment of your desktop activity

Any moment that ever crossed your screen, can be replayed like a video. Watch how you edited a photo, fixed code, or played a game. 

Douglass Rewind allows you to not just replay but also recall anything that’s ever come across your desktop. This means you can revisit a browsing session, conversation, or project and open it as if you never left. Every detail is restored.