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The Douglass Browser

douglass-browser-latest.pngDownload the Douglass Browser for MacOS

The Douglass Browser is aligned with the Douglass Community License and the Douglass Community PledgeThe Douglass Browser includes the Hamer Community Network,  the Douglass Privacy Protecting Search Engine and Douglass News.

Douglass builds and designs Intentional Products, and Technologies for: Peace, Love and Purpose. 

Douglass Browser Features

  • Privacy Protection First - The Douglass Browser uses some of the highest possible privacy protecting settings to protect your data and your web browsing privacy.

  • Douglass Search -A Privacy Protecting Non tracking Search engine.
  • No Ad’s - With an integrated Ad Blocker the Douglass Browser presents content without ads.
  • Hamer - The Douglass Communities Social Network
  • Douglass News - The Douglass News service is the go to source for News, Culture, and Art. 
  • Le noir est beau - Dark mode for all sites visited.