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The Douglass OS

Douglass: Technology For Peace, Love, Purpose


Douglass is Technology for intentional emancipatory futures. Douglass empowers: local and global communities, returns economic value, funds public goods, and creates the possibility for new models of economics and governance centered in the ideals of Martin Luther Kings “Beloved Community”.

The Douglass OS 

The Douglass OS is a decentralized Operating System and network with a new generation of applications, an integrated  peer to peer protocol, cutting edge Artificial Intelligence, and “FreedomTrain” our Beloved Community Economics and Governance service that will put communities in control of their futures.


A New OS for Modern New Futures

Douglass is a next generation operating system aligned with the Beloved Community License. Douglass breaks down barriers between applications, and gives back privacy and data ownership to users.

Douglass comes with essential apps that protect your data. Douglass is easy to use and keeps your data safe.

Douglass represents the first new computing architecture in 25 years.

The Douglass OS represents a paradigm shift - the next step from centralized to decentralized personal computing with: Native Artificial Intelligence, a Peer to Peer protocol and a Native Decentralized Beloved Community Economics and Governance Service. 


A network of completely decentralized devices

The Douglass OS powers an independent network of completely decentralized devices, a full suite of newly-architected software applications, and integration services to speed the adoption of the platform. 


The Douglass OS and Douglass applications work without any central servers, only you have access to your  encrypted data.
Douglass apps run locally and exchange data directly using the ida:// peer to peer protocol without exposing it too intermediaries even when you work across devices and with others.

The Douglass OS brings a systemic advantage to those who work with it.

  • Own their data
  • Be confident in privacy and security
  • Generate income from the network
  • Participate in Community Empowerment
  • No storage or upload limits
Douglass stores information locally, so you can use as much space as you have for free.